Another Face Without a Name

Let my face be the thing you imagine when reading my words, but let's keep my name a mystery so you won't know my whole identity.

Baby I just want to be the reason for your smile again.



Baby I’m trying so hard to make you happy that in the process I’ve begun to lose myself.

Sometimes it’s us. Just sometimes it’s us who are wrong. And when that times comes we must accept it and grow, because that is the best thing we can do.

Just for once I want to feel important to you. I want you to treat me the way I treat you because I put you before anything else and I feel so stupid because why can you never do the same? Why do I keep sticking around?

And the time I needed you the most was the time you decided to leave.

And in some way they were perfect enough for you. So perfect you let them crawl their way into the deepest parts of you not caring if they brought you down or destroyed you.